Sponsorship Packages to Suit You

& Your Business.






We are currently designing an Advertising Board area around the boundary of the field in order for you to advertise your business 24/7, giving your Business a prominent & beneficial place to be viewed.  

  • Sponsorship Packages are: £195 for the first year

  • Annual Renewal Package   :  £ 95

Weekly Match Ball Sponsorships:


Why not have your Business seen on Match Day by Sponsoring the Match Ball.  Your Business will be advertised on the Match Day posters as being the Match Day Sponsor.


  • Match Day Ball Sponsor Deal - £10 per Match Ball

Our Website Sponsorships:


Have your business connected to our website for all our Internet visitors to see and have your business recognised.


  • Business Sponsorship Logo                                                          -  £ 50  per Year

  • Business Sponsorship Logo with Direct Link to Business     -  £100 per Year


Try our sample logo out to see how it could work for you.

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