Welcome Back....

We hope that you have all stayed safe during the Covid 19 lock-down. It has most certainly seen some very unprecedented times that many of us never thought we would see in our life time.

We are pleased to be back open, but with quite a few changes in order to maintain the safety of you and our staff too.

We now have a one-way system which starts by entering through the smaller of the two gates, entering in the fire door via the players lounge and requesting your drinks and making your payment at the first bar window. You then travel along the corridor to the bar and collect your drink and head outside  (or inside depending on seating and availability).

Payments are card only and contactless if possible. No cash please !

Cleaning is regular so please do not be offended if a little cleaning is going on around you.

Hand sanitiser - we're asking you to use our automatic hand sanitising dispenser machine to keep you safe and to help reduce the spread of potential Covid 19 cases.  Please don't be offended if you are prompted to use the machines.

Much of what we do will be to minimalise contact with our visitors. So we will use disposable-wear if possible.  Please do not ask for glasses because you prefer one.  We have been issued with guidance and must follow this.

Signing in - we ask you to do this because we are asked to be able to 'track and trace' anyone who may have come into contact with a potential positive case of Covid-19.  We may need to let you know quickly.  Please ensure we can read your writing and that you provide us with accurate information.  We will be spot checked by the police to make sure that we are adhering to guidance.


Social Distancing (2m) - is something we're all having to get used to. However, when we've had a couple of drinks, we all like to get a little cuddly as we all love our friends to death.  So again, please do not be offended if one of our staff reminds you about social distancing.  We have a duty to ensure that other people sharing the space are kept safe too.

Perspex screening to shield both you and us.

Please view the documents below with regards to the measures we have taken to ensure your safety.  one is our Risk Assessment carried out prior to our opening the club back up to the public and the other is our Staying Covid Secure 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  If you have any concerns, please raise them by sending an email via our contact page on this website.


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