Help BOOST our funds - FREE?

Like many clubs, we need ways to keep funding trickling in through the door to help keep our club strong.  One of the ways in which we have learned we can do this indirectly, is through a reward system offered by Easy Fund Raising online.  This is a way in which members, parents, friends & others can do their online shopping but through the Easy Fund Raising website.  You simply follow the steps to create an account, link it to Greenside CC, and shop away.  As a club, we will receive rewards which won't cost you a single penny.  All we need is a few extra clicks from you every time you shop.  Download the APP now through iTunes or Android or simply follow these steps:

Step 1: 

To start, click the Easyfundraising Logo below:

Step 2: 

You should now see the following Window - Click "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" (top right)

Step 3: 

You will then see a pop-up box shown below. CLICK "I want to support a good cause"

Step 4: 

Your screen should now look like this.  Enter 'Greenside Cricket Club'

Step 5: 

Your screen should now look like this.  Look for our LOGO & Name

Step 6: 

You should now see this screen to begin entering your details. Follow all 3 steps.

Step 3 of this process asks you about adding a tool bar to you computer.  This will allow you to be reminded to shop using this method by adding a small addition within your browser.

Step 7: 

Are you a Tax Payer?  This can help us raise even more if you are willing to opt for Gift Aid. Please read the information when you reach the following screen and make your choice.  Gift Aid will help give an even bigger boost to our campaign.

Step 8: 

Congratulations !!!!! You are now ready to shop and without even knowing it, you will be helping fund raise for your chosen cause.  With this, we give you a huge Thank You.

Having trouble following the screens, software issues or toolbar not downloading?  Push the button below.  We're more than happy to help you with this.

Got a Fundraising Idea?

We're always looking for ways to keep funds coming into Greenside Cricket Club so if you want to propose an idea, we would love to hear from you and your thoughts.  Use the contact tab and tell us your idea(s).