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Proposal for Telephone Mast at Greenside CC. 'Statement'

Proposal for Telephone Mast at Greenside CC.

Friends of Greenside CC.

We would take this opportunity to update you on our position on the proposal of having a telephone mast place within the clubs grounds.

As you are no doubt aware the club has been approached by Shared Access about the possibility of placing a mast within the grounds of our club. Shared Access had identified the site and at no point did we approach them to enquire.

However we have made a decision to what we are going to do..... we ARE NOT going to take this proposal any further. The committee decided that our position in the community means more to us than the financial gain.

We hope we can count on your support at our function and events in the future. We have a great facility we just want to see it used.

If you have any concerns or would like any further information please contact use via our club email address at

Thank you.

The Management Committee of Greenside Cricket Club.

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