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The Pickle Palace, makers extraordinaire of chutneys, pickles and jams. A Social Enterprise that uses as much fruit and vegetables from locally sourced farm shops, allotments and supermarkets as we can rescue from landfill, all lovingly up-cycled into absolutely fantastic products. 


With an ethos of joining communities together, wasting no food and helping others do the same.

Our very own 'Pay as you Feel market is now open every



5.30pm at Chopwell Community Centre

with a 'Pay as you feel' Cafe from 4:30pm


5.30pm at various venues,

(please check posts on Facebook for details) and


11-2pm held in Greenside Cricket Club

alongside a weekly lunch club which starts at 12:30.

We offer this to the public allowing us to share all of the rescued food donated to us from supermarkets in return for a donation which will then be used to fund our enterprise, bringing more opportunities to our community. 

Why not pop along!

We also offer weekly lunch clubs on Friday from 12.30 at Greenside Cricket Club for only £4.00 for a home cooked 2 course meal- follow us to find out what we’re cooking each week! 


We’d love to see you! 

Hannah & Julie 


Products available all year:
Lime Chilli Sauce                     250ml               £4
Balsamic Onions                     190/277ml       £3.50/£4.50
Indian Carrot                           190/277ml       £3/£4
Beetroot Chutney                   190/277ml       £3/£4
Easy Garlic                               190ml               £3.50

Seasonal/Donation Dependent:
Piccalilli                                    190/277ml       £3.50/£4.50
Tangy Green Tomato              190ml              £3
Spicy Apple Chutney              190ml               £3
Irish Marrow Chutney            190ml               £3
Pear Chutney                           190ml              £3

Chilli Jelly                                  190ml               £3
Mint Jelly                                  190ml               £3
Sage Jelly                                  190ml               £3
Bramble Jelly                           190ml               £3
Spiced Apple Jelly                   190ml               £3
Crab Apple Jelly                      190ml               £3

Raspberry Jam                        190ml               £3
Rhubarb Jam                           190ml               £3
Plum Jam                                 190ml               £3
Petit Marmalade                     190ml               £3
Marmalade Citron                  190ml               £3

Pickled Cabbage                     190ml               £3
Red Hot Shallots                     277ml               £4
Sweet Sliced Onions              190ml               £3
Pickled Beetroot                     190ml               £3
Easy Garlic                                                         £3.50


Limited Editions:
Damson & Cardamon Jelly   190ml               £3.50
Cherry Bakewell Jam             190ml               £3.50
Strawberry Chutney              190ml               £3.50
Pin-Pya Chutney                     190ml               £3.50
Blueberry & Lavender Jam   190ml               £3.50
Nectarine & Amaretto Jam   190ml               £3.50

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